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Ronan Bradley's FinanceTech Directions

There is a natural tendency to focus on the cool or exciting problems where technology can be applied. Sometimes this may result in the overlooking of more mundane areas where even greater benefit can be extracted. And these are the... Read More..
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I contributed to the recent ebizq discussion forum debate on "Is SOA dead?". The title should really have been: Was SOA killed by the recession? My view is that in many organizations, SOA as a banner project will indeed disappear... Read More..
The XBRL standard is being proposed by IBM as the vehicle to deliver much greater transparency in risk management. In an unrelated development, also after many years as an optional reporting format for many financial regulators, it is to become... Read More..
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The investment banking world is getting simpler by virtue of there being fewer players and maybe getting simpler with less emphasis on the most complex and hard to understand derivatives. Credit Suisse not only announced a painful reduction of staff... Read More..

The line is taken from a report by Madan Sheina entitled "Realising the promise of SOA and BPM" (Madan is also speaking on a related ebizq webinar ). I am quoting it because it strongly arguing a point that I... Read More..
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I have previously commented in my other blog about the emergence of OSS business models (and this is a topic well covered in the blog 451 CAOS Theory as well as ebizq's own OSS blog ). Specifically, OSS vendors have... Read More..
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Over the last few years SOA has been getting all the limelight but there is another enterprise architecture which is likely to become more prominent: Enterprise Data Management. On sign of this growing importance is the growth of the EDM... Read More..

Over the years, I have listened to a lot of hokum about enterprise software sales from all sorts of people but in particular from venture capitalists and dodgy sales guys looking for a job. It often revolves around the belief... Read More..

Everybody accepts that we are entering a new era in financial services regulation but we are still far from knowing what precisely it will look like. The reality is that we don’t even know the shape of the banking industry... Read More..

I blogged only a little while ago on the danger of excel in data integration and now a for-instance pops up in finextra: Barclays claims to have discovered that 179 contracts were accidently included in the Lehman Brothers purchase due... Read More..
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