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Business Transformation in Action

Joe McKendrick

Cloud: Proceed with Caution

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As part of my work and investigation on the possibilities of deploying enterprise content management in the cloud, I heard from Curt Finch, CEO of Journyx, a project management software vendor, on things companies need to know about cloud deployments.

For more details on the cloudification of ECM, see my two-part series published here at TechTarget's ebizQ site.  Part 1 surveys the cloud ECM landcape, and in Part 2, I speak with leading analysts.

Q: Is cloud-based ECM something that organizations are already doing?

Curt Finch:
Yes, but mostly this is true with startups or VC backed firms. Some B2C operations, like restaurants, have their web page on Facebook now instead of having their own site.

Q: Will some ECM services be leveraged through public clouds, or is this mainly a private cloud play?

It's possible but the only advantage I can see is if you expect massive peak load spikes, like with the Superbowl or something like a natural disaster.

Q: Are there security implications to public or private ECM adoption -- or regulatory barriers?

If you trust the cloud vendor -- such as Amazon -- then there aren't really any security implications. But do you know for sure you can trust the cloud vendor?

Q: Will content remain on local systems, or will that also be moved to the cloud?

It would seem sensible to either move all of it or none at all.

Q: Does cloud offer the possibility for more widespread ECM adoption?

Perhaps. Complex systems are better managed by their writers, like Vignette.

Q: Will it truly put the "E" in ECM?

It's doubtful. The cultural and organizational impediments won't change, will they?

Q: What aspects of ECM are more likely to see cloud adoption -- records management, digital asset management, workflow documents or others?

I believe it will be public web site management and document management.

Q: Are there areas of ECM that are not as well-suited for the cloud?
Data that is encumbered by regulatory compliance such as HIPAA or the financial industry.

Q: Does cloud ECM  change the way content management is governed?
It lessens the involvement of intransigent IT managers -- as they are often viewed by executives.



In this blog (formerly known as "SOA in Action"), Joe McKendrick examines how BPM and related business and IT approaches can promote business transformation.

Joe McKendrick

Joe McKendrick is an author and independent analyst who tracks the impact of information technology on management and markets. View more


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