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As part of ebizQ's latest BPM in Action conference, I had the opportunity to moderate a session with Clay Richardson, analyst with Forrester Research and highly regarded BPM expert, and Kieth Swenson, vice president of research and development for Fujitsu.Richardson... Read More..
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Many thought the crumbling economy of 2008-09 would kill off service oriented architecture.But it only made it stronger.A new survey of more than 2,100 companies from Forrester finds the opposite seems to have happened -- SOA continued to grow in... Read More..
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Today's ebizQ's BPM in Action virtual conference will be a day packed with insights from the world's leading BPM experts. Yours truly will moderate much of the event.Opening the conference (10:00 ET) will be Elise Olding, Research Director at Gartner,... Read More..
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It's never easy to run an airline. You have to worry about passenger loads on planes, and how these can best be allocated across routes. Then, there are services.TechTarget's Rob Barry describes how JetBlue stress-tests its load infrastructure to make... Read More..
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We talk a lot about the wonders of event-driven processing at this blogsite. But maybe there are limits. Scientists are talking about the possibility of an "in-body network" that could detect heart attacks or diabetic collapses and alert emergency services.... Read More..
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This past week or so, the ebizQ site has been abuzz with discussion around a myriad of new initiatives reshaping organizations. Does business process management (BPM) need master data management (MDM) to function effectively? Clay Richardson, analyst at Forrester and... Read More..
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In a post here at ebizQ a couple of weeks back, Noam Tamarkin brought up the whole matter of SOAP for SOA. The bottom line, he says, is SOAP is but one of many approaches to service orienting, and sometimes... Read More..

From a press release 20 years in the future: NEW YORK (June 21, 2030) -- Friendly Fringe Systems, a global leader of productivity enhancement solutions, announced the launch of Employee BrainWave Analyzer 5.0, the leading worker productivity monitoring tool for... Read More..
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Late last year, there was a blogstorm over a very sensitive subject -- whether people or middleware cost more, especially in the midst of SOA work. In many TCO and ROI analyses, often the costs for technologies and implementations comes... Read More..
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Can business process management function without master data management (MDM)?  Perhaps -- but these days, with businesses operating on Internet speed with tight margins and extreme competition, there needs to be a way to trust the information that is flowing... Read More..
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Here at the ebizQ community, there's been plenty if discussion on SOA, cloud, and business process management -- all interrelated disciplines.Dave Linthicum provided 10 good reasons to use, and not to use cloud services. The two top reasons to consider... Read More..
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My compatriot Dave Linthicum would have a few choice words if you asked him about about the fate of enterprise service buses, and indeed, there is debate as to how they will fit into the emerging SOA-cloud paradigm.  Dave doesn't see... Read More..
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Loraine Lawson, whose writings and opinions I respect greatly, recently picked up on my ebizQ feature on the Nine Great Unsolved Mysteries of SOA, and observed that it's rare to see a dedicated piece on SOA anymore. Lately, it's more... Read More..
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In this blog (formerly known as "SOA in Action"), Joe McKendrick examines how BPM and related business and IT approaches can promote business transformation.

Joe McKendrick

Joe McKendrick is an author and independent analyst who tracks the impact of information technology on management and markets. View more


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