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Business Transformation in Action

Joe McKendrick

SOA Roundup: App Stores, Cloud Knowledge, Service Centicity, Events

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This past week, ebizQ has been packed full of observation and insights on the state of service orientation and SOA as they relate to business success. First, there's the whole convergence with cloud -- which is the delivery platform for services. Prashant Agrawal discusses what every organization moving into the cloud needs to know -- and a solid foundation of SOA-enabled services paves the way.

Janne Korhonen says service-orientation is the new paradigm all businesses should be moving to. Not just service-oriented in terms of SOA-enabling applications, but also service-orienting in the broadest sense of the term. That is, moving from a production-centric view, which entails a self-contained, closed system, whose goal is to minimize the costs and maximize the profit, to a service-centric view, in which the organization and its customers are seen as more flexible, collaborative "purposeful systems."

Dion Hinchcliffe talks about the emerging revolution in the way enterprise applications are being identified, acquired, and maintained -- via the "app store" model. While "enterprise app stores won't completely replace large enterprise projects, but it can meet widespread, unmet departmental demand while relegating big-bang IT to the times when it absolutely the best approach... The writing is on the wall: Centralized and secure sharing of software and data that drives choice, competition, adoption, and consumption will almost certainly be a key element of the future success of SOA, SaaS, cloud computing, and mashups."

Michael Poulin talks about things to think about regarding SOA in Spring environments. He notes that "SOA with Spring makes sense only if 'SOA' in this context stands for 'Some Object Adjustment', or better it be POA - Plain Object Adjustment."

I recently had the opportunity to join Gartner's Roy Schulte and Oracle's Maneesh Joshi in a new ebizQ Webcast on the business value of event processing, and the growing role of continuous intelligence. Roy pointed out that within a BPM-enabled environment, focused on workflow, orchestration, and rules, events take the form of steps within business processes. "A business process.. will be started by an event, something happening in the real world that will trigger the execution of the first step in the business process." Events may also trigger other steps along the way within the process, he adds.

In this blog (formerly known as "SOA in Action"), Joe McKendrick examines how BPM and related business and IT approaches can promote business transformation.

Joe McKendrick

Joe McKendrick is an author and independent analyst who tracks the impact of information technology on management and markets. View more


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