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Michael Poulin

A Business view on Middleware as a Service

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Oracle Corporation offers one of the first standard-based solution that allows standards-based applications, particularly, in Java with .NET, C++ and REST clients, to be deployed and executed with no modifications (at all) on in-house platform and in Clouds. It is true for both public and Exalogic Elastic Cloud; it is true that both deployment environments belong to Oracle.

Such unification is exactly what we, the consumers, expected from the beginning and this is why it is a great achievement. The only little problem we have with it - it is a vendor locking case ("all eggs are in the Oracle's basket"). From other hand, Oracle has confirmed my warnings in full: technical issues in Clouds may be and are resolved to the high level of quality demand but business issues become problems.

To benefit from "flexibility, openness, and portability" [Oracle WebLogic Suite: Implementing a Middleware Foundation for Cloud. An Oracle Business White Paper. 2012], a company has to have applications built and running in an Oracle environment in the first place. But this environment is far from cheap and affordable. That is, it is only Oracle's consumer base will be able to take advantage of Oracle's achievement. Yes, Oracle's public Cloud is available but those who use public Clouds for serious tasks (adequate to this Cloud capabilities) usually have either non-Oracle or non-standard based applications to deploy.

Also, it is unclear (as usual) if Oracle's Middleware as a Service (MWaaS) can work effectively with other Cloud providers as well as why these providers would agree to use MWaaS instead of their own integration solutions. Indeed, if a provider offers integration to the consumer, this is more appealing and, more likely than not, cheaper to the consumer. It will take time for the consumer to realise that it has to operate a dispatcher/broker role between multiple Cloud providers even if some of them offer MWaaS (a silly situation, isn't it?). So, the first and the most important step that Oracle has to make now is attaching a relatively low price-tag to its MWaaS, as WebLogic did at the beginning of the Application Server race.

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Michael Poulin

Michael Poulin is an enterprise-level solution architect working in the financial industry in the U.K. and the United States.

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