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Cloud Process, Part 3: Tips for a business process of hiring Cloud

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I continue describing Cloud Process in this post. In a random search of jobs for Architects, I have found that about 15-20% of job specifications contain references to Cloud Computing in different forms:

• "Design cloud solutions based on customer, PS, sales and marketing requirements."
• "Must have previous experience of working on on .NET technology including Cloud"
• "Cloud technologies (Cloud offerings from the vendors in the marketplace eg IBM, HP, Cisco.)"
• "The work on offer is varied and wide ranging; conceptual/logical modelling (at pre-sales/delivery) cloud advisory, package & vendor evaluation and selection, technology road mapping and more."

This means that someone had made a decision about using Cloud-based solution and now they need an Architect to make this decision happen. I assume that the someone was a business savvy person and no needs technical expertise to deal with Clouds. Moreover, someone had collected requirements for a Cloud solution already. And all these without an Architect. This sounds similar to cases where some people in the old Soviet block bought used foreign cars when there were no part even for the locally manufactured cars...

Can an architect correct the situation and overcome mistakes made by somebody who knew the business but did not know how it related to the Cloud's technology? What the risks the company had acquired when signed the contract in such a situation? Read my blog "Basic Checklist for Cloud Consumers, Part 2" for the answers.



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