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Michael Poulin

Cloud Process, Part 1

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A dualism of 'Cloud Process' may be understood as a 'process of Cloud' and as 'muggy/cloudy process'. With regard to Cloud Computing (Cloud for short) both interpretations are correct. Cloud's march slows down and its fanfares lower the noise - Cloud goes through the process of challenging by business and has to admit, more frequently than expected when listening the fanfares, that it is not ready yet, still immature in its business and, apparently monetary model.

In my several recent conversations with clients, mostly high level managers of Cloud consumer organisations, questions were rotating around non-technical issues that Clouds have not resolved or that they brought 'from the blue'. Technical dexterity , as appears, is not enough.

I have written a few blogs on my Web Site and invite you to read them (see the link below) rather than to re-tell the stories here. Based on what I have found, the process of Cloud is in its pre-execution or feasibility phase while many have jumped into the Cloud usage process already and enjoyed a feeling of a movement with no thoughts (yet) where the process is going to.



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Michael Poulin

Michael Poulin is an enterprise-level solution architect working in the financial industry in the U.K. and the United States.

He specializes in building bridges between business needs and technology capabilities with emphasis on business and technical efficiency, scalability, robustness and manageability. He writes about service orientation, application security and use of modern technologies for solving business problems. He contributes to OASIS SOA standards as an independent member and is listed in the the international "Who's Who of Information Technology" for 2001. View more


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