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Michael Poulin

New SOA Standard Public Review Draft

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OASIS SOA technical Committee has published the second Public Review Draft of SOA Reference Architecture now under the refined title 'Public Review of Reference Architecture Foundation for SOA v1.0'

This review has a lot of updates and new content with regard to the first Public Review Draft published last year. This Draft has a 'Navigating the SOA Standards Landscape Around Architecture' in its background - the collaboration agreement on SOA standard efforts between OASIS, OMG and The Open Group.

Also, this Draft contains several outstanding statements that are very important to the understanding of modern state of service-oriented architecture and service orientation at large. For example, the Abstract says: "Our focus in this architecture is on an approach to integrating business with the information technology needed to support it."

This statement is supported by OASIS conclusion that "Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an architectural paradigm that has gained significant attention within the information technology (IT) and business communities. The SOA ecosystem described in this document occupies the boundary between business and IT. It is neither wholly IT nor wholly business, but is of both worlds. Neither business nor IT completely own, govern and manage this SOA ecosystem. Both sets of concerns must be accommodated for the SOA ecosystem to fulfill its purposes."

You are all welcome to Modern SOA!


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Michael Poulin

Michael Poulin is an enterprise-level solution architect working in the financial industry in the U.K. and the United States.

He specializes in building bridges between business needs and technology capabilities with emphasis on business and technical efficiency, scalability, robustness and manageability. He writes about service orientation, application security and use of modern technologies for solving business problems. He contributes to OASIS SOA standards as an independent member and is listed in the the international "Who's Who of Information Technology" for 2001. View more


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