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Andre Yee

Beware the Tax Scamming Emails

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It's tax season and if that's not enough to get you down, here's something to get your attention. A slew of scam emails are circulating, purporting to be from the IRS. These emails are targeted to companies and seek additional tax related information.

This warning comes to us from Sunbelt Software, whose CFO received one of the scam emails. The emails are realistic, carrying a certain believability. A screensaver file disguised as a tax refund PDF file (tax_refund_scr) is attached to the email. When the user clicked, a PDF file seems to appear but unknown to the user, malware is also downloaded to steal financial and confidential data.

Check it out here at the Sunbelt Software Blog.

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Andre Yee

Andre Yee is an entrepreneur and technologist with nearly 20 years of experience in the business of technology.

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