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Top 10 Most Vulnerable Apps for 2007

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As a software vendor, it must be the software equivalent of finding yourself on Hollywood's "worst dressed" list. Here are the top 10 most vulnerable apps in 2007 published by Bit9, an endpoint security company.

1. Yahoo! Messenger and earlier
2. Apple QuickTime 7.2
3. Mozilla Firefox
4. Microsoft Windows Live (MSN) Messenger 7.0, 8.0
5. EMC VMware Player (and other products) 2.0, 1.0.4
6. Apple iTunes 7.3.2
7. Intuit QuickBooks Online Edition 9 and earlier
8. Sun Java Runtime 1.6.0_X
9. Yahoo! Widgets 4.0.5 and previous
10. Ask.com Toolbar and previous

Among the qualifying criteria is that it must be able to run on Microsoft Windows platform and be a well known consumer application, downloaded by individuals.

It's interesting to note that Yahoo (Messenger, Widgets) and Apple (Quicktime, iTunes) related software each appears twice while Microsoft, with its extensive scope and distribution of software is only represented by MSN Messenger. Go figure.

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This looks more like the list of the 10 most superfluous applications. And even though IE is part of the OS, it's quite a headscratcher why it's missing on this list.

This is the first time I hear about "Bit9" and I suspect that was already the whole purpose of that list. Honestly, I can't find anything there that we didn't know already?

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