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There has been a lot of speculation about falling SaaS prices from bloggers and industry insiders -- even a detailed Forrester report predicting a long term drop. Now we're starting to see some confirmation from vendors. NetSuite recently dropped the... Read More..

Google Gets Some Heat

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As of this past Monday, Google's Gmail for its Premier Apps users was still experiencing some accessibility issues. The recent troubles followed shortly after an outage that lasted up to thirty hours for some customers last week. Google apologized for... Read More..
The latest version of Open Office, the open source alternative to Microsoft Works, was released to a very warm reception -- so warm that the traffic generated by the release crashed the company's servers. And it seems that while Microsoft... Read More..
Last week Forrester Research Group predicted a long term price drop for Web 2.0 service licenses. The report caused some speculation about why, when demand is expected to at least remain steady if grow slightly, the price of Web 2.0... Read More..
With all the discussion about Google Docs, Gmail and Chrome it's easy to forget that in some ways Yahoo is still the bigger player in web based services (its email service has 285 million unique users worldwide). Take calendar applications... Read More..
Symantec, the IT security and backup company, took a big step to increase their future presence in SaaS with a move to acquire MessageLabs, a provider of online messaging and Web security services, for 695 million dollars. A Symantec press... Read More..

IBM's New Cloud Formation

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The big news this week is the release of IBM's new web based application platform, "Bluehouse." Bluehouse brings some of the communication applications offered by its Lotus software, along with virtual collaboration and social networking tools to a web-access only... Read More..

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