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Google Gets Some Heat

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As of this past Monday, Google's Gmail for its Premier Apps users was still experiencing some accessibility issues. The recent troubles followed shortly after an outage that lasted up to thirty hours for some customers last week. Google apologized for the outage that affected, what it said, was a small number of Gmail and Apps users. The outage was reportedly fixed within a day, but that did not stop some from calling the outage more than just a headache, as businesses (especially of the smaller variety) have come to rely on the services to perform essential office functions.

What remains unclear is how many of the users that were affected from the earlier outage were subscribers to the Google Apps Premier Edition, which is Google's business class offering of Web apps that can be had for a relatively small subscription fee. As Google seeks to expand its SaaS presence within the business market it faces increasing scrutiny over whether its web services can meet the needs of corporate users -- scrutiny that may be, in all fairness, above and beyond what traditional software applications have been put under. Google's position as a consumer powerhouse may have left the company in a catch 22 with new enterprise users -- generating very high expectations while having their every mistep broadcast by media outlets.

Also, as I will be covering much of the Web 2.0 and SaaS news for ebizQ, I would like to welcome any enterprises with relevant news or press to please email me, Jason Hinkley, at jason(at)ebizQ.net.

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