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Does Yahoo Want a Seat in Business Class?

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With all the discussion about Google Docs, Gmail and Chrome it's easy to forget that in some ways Yahoo is still the bigger player in web based services (its email service has 285 million unique users worldwide). Take calendar applications -- Google Calendar has gotten far more coverage over the past few years, but Yahoo still has the most popular web-based Calendar around with roughly 8 million users. And this week Yahoo released a beta of its new Zimbra based calendar to quite impressive reviews.

The first update to Yahoo's calendar application in ten years could move the company a great deal towards becoming a major part of the Web 2.0 landscape. Building on the collaboration and integration expertise acquired from their purchase of Zimbra, it is designed to work seamlessly with a number of applications. The program works across mediums, sending you information and reminders in the form of email and text messages. Besides its ability to work seamlessly with other Yahoo apps, such as Flickr, Yahoo calendar will be able to synch with many of its online and on-site competitors; including services from Google, Microsoft, Apple, AOL and Mozilla. The iCal synching is expected to be especially helpful in attracting new users. But the deal maker for business users may still be in the future -- Yahoo has plans to make its calendar compatible with both Outlook and the iPhone.

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