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SaaS Week

Krissi Danielson

Reactions to Google Chrome

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After Google launched its new browser / cloud computing "operating system" earlier this week, plenty of people have had plenty to say about it -- with most of the reactions being positive.

Joe McKendrick of ZDNet notes that Chrome could help to facilitate a smoother path to SOA.

Thomas Claburn of InformationWeek reports that Chrome could face a "long road to enterprise adoption." He quotes a Forrester research analyst as noting that planning for enterprise adoption is premature but that it's important to be aware of the new offering since it could "infiltrate" the enterprise.

CIO.com's C.G. Lynch reports on how Google Chrome could hep online software vendors. The ability to isolate tabs from one another preventing one tab from crashing the entire browser is attractive to some, and better JavaScript support can lead to faster load times for some pages.

Also at InformationWeek, Mary Hayes Weier reports that Google Chrome may benefit SaaS providers while also presenting new problems. The new browser could also tax SaaS development teams by requiring compatibility for yet another browser, meaning more funds in research and development.

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there are so many advantages and features with Chrome, such as it's speed, for example; now if only they would take care it's flighty cookie management...

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