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Krissi Danielson

Would 'Live Web' Be a Better Buzzword than 'Web 2.0'?

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In surfing the Google News headlines the other day, I found a lengthy humor piece in India's Express Computer publication.

The piece had a long theoretical back and forth conversation about how companies look at new technology, but one thing that I thought made sense was the idea that instead of all this 2.0 buzz, we should be using the term 'Live Web' Instead.

Upon Googling the term, I found that this is not the first time the phrase had been used -- Technorati has been using the term for a while, as has Linux Journal, particularly to discuss social media.

I wish this would catch on a bit more. Web 2.0 is such an awful term -- as is Enterprise 2.0, and it is pretty telling that there's still so much disagreement on the definitions for either. "Live Enterprise" could be kind of catchy, although it's probably trademarked by someone or other or is the name of a product. Or what about "Live Software" instead of SaaS? Meh...probably something out there is better, but all the numbers and acronyms could certainly be improved.


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Interesting post, Krissi. Live Web in terms of how it sounds would be a nice alternative to Web 2.0, but do you think it really has enough of the same meaning? To me, Web 2.0 depicts the tools enabling the interaction that has allowed for the current state of the web to be considered the "Live Web." This state however, will presumably continue even long after Web 2.0's initial tools have been replaced.

Yes the acronyms and buzzwords do get a bit tiresome especially as the meaning morphs from 'expert' to 'expert' and over time. I think I'll just stick to 'Cool' as it seems to move with the times and is always applicable to the latest great improvements in usability. :}

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