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JangoMail Offers Email Marketing Via SaaS

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No one likes spam, and least of all JangoMail, a SaaS-based email marketing tool that helps its customers get their legitimate messages into their spam-weary customers' inboxes. The idea of an email marketing tool via SaaS sounded interesting, so I sent some questions over to JangoMail CEO Ajay Goel. The Ohio-based company launched additional reporting features for the JangoMail tool a few days ago.

Please provide a profile of a typical target customer and the reasons why they would look into something like JangoMail.
Goel: A typical customer is a medium sized business that sends between 20,000 and 50,000 e-mail messages per month.  The customer would outsource this to a Web-based solution such as JangoMail in order to avoid having to maintain an e-mail infrastructure in-house, minimize the load on their own Internet connection, take advantage of reporting and analytics that would otherwise not be available with an installed-software solution, and take advantage of an outside firm's e-mail deliverability expertise.
What is the importance of direct access to SMTP log files? Can potential email marketers determine what the user did with the email after delivery (ie., was it delivered but deleted unread, filed into a junk mail folder, etc.)?
Goel: Direct access to SMTP log files allows users to assess deliverability issues by themselves.  If a user sends a test e-mail message to himself, but he does not receive it, he can access the SMTP log file for his test message to see what went wrong in the communication between JangoMail's e-mail sending server and his own receiving e-mail server.  The SMTP log file provides very specific information about the communication between the two servers, and will show whether an e-mail message was accepted or denied for a particular reason. 

A denial could be for any number of reasons, such as too many images in the content of the e-mail, which makes the message look too "spammy.?  E-mail marketers can certainly determine what a recipient did with an e-mail after receiving it.  One can determine if the e-mail was opened, whether a particular link in an e-mail was clicked, whether the e-mail message was forwarded, and whether the e-mail message resulted in a purchase on the customer's Web site.  One cannot, however, determine, if an e-mail message was deleted or filed into the Junk Mail folder.
How does this work as a SaaS tool? Please offer a basic outline of the technological process.
Goel: By virtue of being a Web-based tool that is constantly being improved, JangoMail is a SaaS tool.  Users login at and from the Web interface upload and manage their e-mail lists, author their e-mail campaigns, send their campaigns, and view reporting information.  All of the actual e-mail messages are sent through JangoMail's servers.  The use of JangoMail does not affect a client's own corporate e-mail servers, nor does JangoMail do any monitoring of its clients’ own corporate e-mail servers.

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