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BEA Announces Project Genesis to Enable SaaS for ISVs

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BEA has announced phase one of what it calls "Project Genesis," an effort that it says will enable dynamic business applications for the ISV community. With this effort, BEA hopes to simplify the process of creating and releasing dynamic business applications for ISVs.

In its press release, BEA claims that Genesis will be the first open enterprise-class SaaS application platform to address the challenges that ISVs face in creating, operating, and governing dynamic business applications. But I wonder how BEA's effort compares to IBM's SaaS enablement services for ISVs. I interviewed IBM's Dave Mitchell last month in a First Look podcast, in which he described a lot of what IBM does in this field.

BEA says the first phase will include a container for SaaS applications, presentation services for user access, metering capabilities for end-user billing, fine-grained entitlements, and BEA WorkSpace 360.

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