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I recently came across some Gartner research insights from almost a year ago that I had read previously and enjoyed. The findings concerned "citizen developers" - people creating solutions outside of the jurisdiction of enterprise IT. Discussed at the Gartner... Read More..
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A few weeks ago ebizQ's BPM Forum asked a question I've heard many times in the past few months: will 2010 be the year of BPM? It got me thinking not just because we tend to quickly put labels on... Read More..
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Jon Brodkin recently wrote a thought-provoking, if controversial, piece in Network World highlighting the common misconceptions surrounding cloud computing. Even though it seems like cloud computing and cloud applications affect every aspect of our business lives (which I don't feel... Read More..
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BPM is an exceptional tool for increasing enterprise productivity, as has been firmly established. What many people don't realize is that the "business" in "business process management" can represent organizations of any kind. A customer, the University of Tennessee at... Read More..
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Electronic Health Records (EHRs) will undoubtedly improve care once we navigate the long and winding road of how to implement them. One way to make the journey easier is to realize that there will be workflows at medical practices, hospitals... Read More..
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With the healthcare reform debate in full swing and everyone adamantly on one spectrum of opinion it's hard not to think of the entire industry as overwhelmingly complicated. And while complication runs rampant, I find it important to counterbalance this... Read More..
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Happy Earth Day, everyone. There's no doubt that today will be dominated by discussions of what we can do to make our lifestyles a little greener. I do believe that global businesses have made constituted efforts to be more resource-aware... Read More..
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The reason I enjoy working with small businesses so much is because there's a sense of enthusiasm there that you just don't find anywhere else. What I appreciate most about the infrastructures of small businesses is that they're horizontal and... Read More..
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Well, it's that time of the decade again, and like most of you I received my 2010 U.S. Census form in the mail a few weeks ago. In addition to being surprised at how short it was, (Really? Sweeping legislative... Read More..
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I recently came across an interesting opinion piece by analyst and consultant Allen Bonde on SearchCRM (part of TechTarget's publication network, which now includes eBizQ as well). Bonde made some very reasoned, topical arguments acknowledging the prominent role of "social... Read More..
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Tom Allanson of PerfectForms shares his ideas on managing business processes, automating workflows and designing for business users - both in the cloud and on the ground.

Tom Allanson

Tom Allanson, CEO of Perfect Forms, Inc., has over 19 years of experience leading teams and growing businesses and has held key executive roles at Intuit, General Electric, and H&R Block. Most recently the President of H&R Block Digital Tax Division, he had previously been Senior Vice President at Intuit in charge of the Tax Division, including TurboTax. He started his career as a design engineer.


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