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Open Source Software Up the Stack

Dennis Byron

Talking to... Bill Miller of XAware, Open Source Data Integration Software

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Back in November 2007, I posted on the announcement that XAware had begun an open source project and was leading a trend in terms of making industry-centric open source software (OSS) more available. The post was based on a discussion that I had had with Bill Miller who is XAware's founder.

Bill noted that it took XAware a while to get to open source because of cultural and other reasons. But once it got there, it's having very good success. Miller made some changes to the technical structure of XAware as well. So based on those two things, in 2007 he announced XAware Engine, built it on Spring Framework, he ships it with JBoss and MySQL, although it can run with any compatible application server or data source. It's also been changed into an Eclipse plug-in so kind of open source up and down the stack.

Bill Miller currently serves as the Executive Chairman as well as the Chief Technology Officer of XAware. He also had founded StorageNetworks where he had sort of the same title, Executive Vice President and CTO. And with StorageNetworks, that was a company he grew from two people to more than 600 employees with doing more than $125 million in sales back in 2001. And they grew the company that quickly in just three years.

So almost a year later, it's time for an update. This podcast talks about what's going on in 2008 at XAware and how that "open source thing" is working out.

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