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Open Source Software Up the Stack

Dennis Byron

OSS Podcast 11/22: Open Source Initiative's Michael Tiemann Talks OSS Philosophy

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In a recent podcast, I talk about some of the formative thinking underlying the modern-era open source software (OSS) culture. I mentioned the "Cathedral and the Bazaar" writings and my analogy that software development in the OSS era would either become the "Software Factory of the Future" or be like a cottage industry. I mean that in a nice way; I literally work from a cottage.

Some one that gives cosmic thinking to those sorts of OSS analogies is Michael Tiemann, president of the Open Source Inititiave (OSI). In this podcast we spend 5 minutes with Michael and his vision for OSI. The OSI is best known as the keeper of the flame when it comes to studying and approving licenses as compliant with the most well accepted definition of OSS. The OSI has other roles in the movement as well.

Also if you want to follow the recent process by which the OSI approved certain Microsoft licenses as OSI compliant, see here, here, and here.

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