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Don't Miss Gartner Discussing OSS' Relationship to SOA

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On Thursday August 9, 2007 at noon eastern U.S time ebizQ will present Mark Driver of Gartner discussing the relationship of open source software (OSS) to services oriented architecture (SOA). Everyone's invited and encouraged to participate with questions. Red Hat is sponsoring the event and Burr Sutter, Red Hat's director of product management, will also be on the panel.

I have written of and commented on the investment implications of SOA at Research 2.0 and elsewhere (the link is just one example; for more, google "Dennis Byron" filtered by "SOA").

Of course, I dig down into OSS here at ebizQ.

Mark ties the two together in a way users, investors and suppliers will want to hear. Why didn't I think of that?

To attend, click on the Webinars tab on the upper left and then push the button with Mark's picture beside it and the title "Optimizing Open Source and SOA Strategie" If you can't make it on Thursday, you miss out on asking a real industry expert your most pressing questions but the webinar will replay here on ebizQ for the foreseeable future.

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