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Twenty-Four Seven Security

Peter Schooff

Is Virtualization Security a Market Yet?

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Interesting back-and-forth going on between Mike Rothman and a number of other bloggers on whether or not Virtualization Security is an actual viable security product that's being bought and installed by companies, or is it still just part of the flying-cars and robots-doing-all-of-our-laundry indeterminate future.

As the Managing Editor of ebizQ now, I certainly have a first hand view of how technology buzz-words grow like kudzu through the corporate world, as virtualization itself, pretty much nonexistent 2 years ago, now shows up in the headlines of at least a quarter of all the press releases flooding my little old email account like those little fighter spaceships pouring out of the death star in one of the early Star War's flicks.

My take on it, everyone wants virtualization in their headline, but I can only imagine about a quarter to half of all those press releases really amount to a viable (read valuable) use of virtualization. And as virtualization is being pulled too-and-fro, back and forth, trying to mean all things to all vendors, virtualization has at least established a beach-head, but it will take awhile to truly define itself to the non-IT side of corporate America, and therefore virtualization security can only come in behind that.

How far behind? I think that depends on the extent of the attacks, and the one thing that has certainly changed is the number of attacks as well as the number of attackers. And as these hacktackers can easily turn on a dime just to steal your dime, which just might turbocharge the market for virtualization security.


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It may be semantics, but you're substituting words here and missing the bigger points raised in those blog postings (which I am participating in.)

Mike was not debating "...whether or not Virtualization Security is an actual viable security PRODUCT," what he posited is that try as we might, we won't "VirtSec into a market."

THIS is a very large difference.

To that point, VirtSec -- as Mike and I both agreed -- that VirtSec is as much about "securing" the operational and organizational issues surrounding virtualization...

In terms of virtualization usage, wow...we're talking to REALLY different customers...


Very interesting, and yes, I see your point, Hoff.

And just as a reference, one of the bigger brains working the security blog beat is Chris Hoff, and you should definitely get his take on the matter right here: http://rationalsecurity.typepad.com/blog/2008/06/virtsec-not-a-m.html

I would like to comment more in depth, but will have to do some more reading, and also, I just don't wanna bug, annoy, or in any way hassle the Hoff.

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