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Listen to or download the 6:05 minute podcast below: Download file What follows is a transcript of my podcast with two people from Packet Analytics, Andy Alsop, President and CEO, and Ben Uphoff, the Vice President of Research, where we... Read More..

So I just signed off from ebizQ's SOA Security Roundtable, and while I missed the first 15 minutes tangling with plug-ins, and still couldn't get it to work until I simply switched from Firefox to Explorer, I certainly plan to... Read More..
Regular readers to this blog might have heard me mention once or twice (or even thrice) and the day is finally here. Today is the day for the SOA Security Roundtable. Today, this afternoon, at high noon...and if you would... Read More..

Security Dream Team

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This Wednesday's SOA Security Roundtable is really shaping up into a dream team of security panelists. The four security movers and shakers ready to dispense their advice on SOA security are: - Fred Etemadieh, Co-Chair of The Open Group's SOA... Read More..
First, you only have a few more days to sign up for this Wednesday's ebizQ SOA security roundtable. The roundtable now includes 4 featured speakers, a veritable who's who of security thinkers and doers, and as SOA security is as... Read More..
Make sure you sign up for what's certain to be an exciting and illuminating ebizQ SOA security roundtable happening next week Wednesday, February 27th. Sign up right here! Listen to or download the 6:58 minute podcast below: Download file What... Read More..

First and foremost, the SOA security train is coming into the station one week from tomorrow, February 27th, and I hope you'll all be there for all the learning that'll going to be going on, learning that will undoubtedly help... Read More..
Don't forget next week's ebizQ roundtable on SOA security. Sign up right here! Listen to or download the 13:52 minute podcast below: Download file What follows is a transcript of my podcast with Sanjay Beri, Vice President of Access Solutions... Read More..

Don't forget to sign-up for ebizQ's SOA Security roundtable in two weeks. It'll be hosted by none other than Mike Rothman (who not only knows his stuff, but is just plain entertaining). The industry will certainly be buzzing about it... Read More..
According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, colleges suffered more data breaches in 2007 than 2006, and most of those data spills were caused by mistakes or property theft than were caused by hackers. Colleges reported 112 computer security incidents... Read More..
An interesting blog over at Dark Reading quotes the antivirus inventor, Peter Tippett, as saying at the Computer Forensics show that many companies are chasing the wrong security risks, in essence they're still building their Maginot Line when the hackers... Read More..
Everybody uses Google whether they admit it or not (Google seems to have supplanted Microsoft in the tech hate department, but to me, Google has kept it's dominance because of innovation, not because of Microsoft like strong-arm tactics, but, now... Read More..
Came across another interesting bit on Dark Reading about a new type of authentication, actually more of a prototype, one which is expected to solve the problems generated from everything from keylogging malware to spyware to shoulder surfing. The system... Read More..
Caught an interesting post by George Hulme over at Information Week concerning the government's plan to spend $30 billion dollars over the next seven years upgrading the security of US communication networks. That number may have just passed by in... Read More..

Here Comes Fuzzing

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Found an interesting article over at Dark Reading about the newest wave of vulnerability testing known as fuzzing, AKA fuzz testing, fault injection, or input validation. Fuzzing is where an application's inputs, areas like username, file, or an HTML field,... Read More..
We've all heard the cliche -- a chain is only as strong as the weakest link -- and in terms of security, where the rubber hits the road, I mean seeing the forest for the trees (now that we're in... Read More..

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