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Two weeks ago I was in L.A., jumping from meeting after meeting, and at the end of every meeting, I asked everyone what they saw in the Identity and Access Management road ahead. I got some great answers, which you can peruse right here, and just this morning, I got these additional answers from Baber Amin of Novell, and definitely thought they were worth adding to the discussion. And hey, it is the holidays, so I can certainly forgive a little lateness.

1) What do you think will be the biggest challenge for IAM in the coming year?

One of the main challenges IT administrators will face next year is addressing the internal concerns associated with getting approval for and deploying an identity and access management solution. Enterprises should have a complete vision of how identity and access management will improve their identity infrastructure, but small implementations early on can show immediate ROI and are the best way to avoid some of the most common deployment pitfalls.

2) What will be the main trend for IAM in 2008?

Convergence is the biggest trend we will see in 2008. This includes the convergence of identity with credentials (roles based provisioning), convergence of physical and IT security, and the convergence of identity and security information and event-based management.

And while we're in the area of security predictions, I'd like to point out Christopher Hoff's excellent glance ahead right here. Some interesting highlights are a Virtualization Hypervisor Compromise, an expected major breach at a social networking site (but with the news today of Facebook intruding on their users surfing, who needs hackers), a SaaS hack, and much more, so it's definitely recommended reading.

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