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Twenty-Four Seven Security

Mike Rothman, Senior Vice President of Strategy for eIQnetworks and who many of you are familiar with for sharing his security expertise right here on ebizQ. In this podcast we discuss the recent fiasco at the Heartland Payment Systems data... Read More..
During my time as an undergraduate philosophy student, "question everything" was a catchphrase I heard often enough.I never thought about applying it to my parking tickets, though. (Oh yes, I saw plenty of those in college whenever I dared to... Read More..
A trans-Atlantic team of security researchers recently announced that they had hacked a heavily used component of browser security. The team was able to break into the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), which is used to issue digital certificates for secure... Read More..

A recent report by the Center for Strategic and International Studies urged the incoming administration to take a leading role in protecting both the public and private sectors on the web. The report was compiled by a group of... Read More..
What follows is my Q&A with Mike Rothman. Many of you will remember Mike Rothman as a very popular columnist and podcaster for ebizQ, among other places, and Mike has now moved on to become Senior Vice President of Security... Read More..

Embedded in the recent flood of announcements from Microsoft was the company's new security strategy. The software maker announced that it will be ending its retail product, Windows Live OneCare, as well as Equipt (the SaaS offering that OneCare was... Read More..
What industries are at the highest risk for getting Web-delivered malware? It's not publishing, media, finance or education; sectors often considered information focused, search heavy and high risk. A recent vendor report showed that the opposite may be true, citing... Read More..
Editor's Note: Anyone interested in how BPM is transforming the insurance industry should definitely attend the 'BPM for Insurance: Are You Staying Competitive?' Webinar coming this Tuesday, October 28th. Sign up here. What follows is my podcast with Samir Gulati,... Read More..
According to an article over at Dark Reading, all the bad news about the financial crises in fact makes banks more vulnerable to social engineering and spear-phishing type attacks. I guess in an industry that makes sure to kick a... Read More..

Good and Bad Security News

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According to a new study by the Computer Security Institute, companies have clearly begun to feel the effects of two new types of attacks in the past year, those being targeted attacks and DNS vulnerabilities. The Computer Security Institute will... Read More..

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Peter Schooff

Peter Schooff is Contributing Editor at ebizQ, and manager of the ebizQ Forum. Contact him at pschooff@techtarget.com

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