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Leveraging Information and Intelligence

David Linthicum

Linking MDM and the Semantic Web

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I loved this Information Management article by J. Brooke Aker talking about the links organizations can make between the semantic Web and MDM.

"MDM requires extensive understanding of business terminology and the context and importance of data. Furthermore, much of the corporate data MDM needs to capture and organize is unstructured, buried in emails, corporate Intranets and white papers.

A hybrid semantic Web MDM approach can solve these tough issues."

So why the semantic Web? As the author puts it the semantic Web can enhanced MDM solutions by locating and managing any duplicate data. Indeed, semantic Web technologies are able to identify and analyze customer data, purchasing trends, market deals and competitive information. Moreover, semantic Web technologies can uncover unstructured data not only from within the existing enterprise systems, but also from unstructured Web delivered data as well.

So, where is the fit? Semantic Web technologies can enhance MDM solutions by locating and managing duplicate data. "For example, if there are records of the same customer but filed with different names (Enterprise, Inc. and Enterprise Corp; Hank Brown and Henry Brown), semantics can assist MDM and identify the different meanings of the same customer and give true insight into the customer's information."

MDM seems to be like "going to the gym," for most enterprises. Everyone talks about it, perhaps spends money on it, but few are following through. Truth-be-told many of the MDM solutions out there that I've been briefed on are less than innovative, and perhaps learning to leverage standards such as the semantic Web, if they not have already, is the right path to MDM becoming a much bigger deal within the enterprise. We're not there yet.


Great to see these articles at the time i was thinking on the same lines.Anyway how do you think the MDM and semantic web need to combined? ..whould semantic web use mdm as a data input or.... the data in semantic web repository need to be used as a mddm???

David, I’m glad you enjoyed the article. I think 2010 will be a turning point for semantics to not only take the web to the next level, but enterprises’ MDM strategies as well.
Rajander, adding semantics to an enterprise’s MDM approach is a step in the right direction, but this is only further complimented by a semantic Web. In a world where crucial data is accessed from internal and external resources, the semantic Web will play a key role in arming enterprises with crucial data

Industry expert Dave Linthicum tells you what you need to know about building efficiency into the information management infrastructure

David Linthicum

David Linthicum is the CTO of Blue Mountain Labs, and an internationally known distributed computing and application integration expert. View more


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