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Leveraging Information and Intelligence

David Linthicum

Three Reasons why you Need Data Governance

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Those who are charged maintaining data already understand the need for data governance, but few actually practice it well. Why? It's really a matter of priorities really. Budgets and understanding best practices come to mind, as does the need for expensive and complex data governance technology.

So, if you're looking to sell data governance up-the-chain, here are a few reasons why you need data governance.

First, data management issues in most Global 2000 companies are nightmares, typically. The fact is that many heterogeneous databases typically exist, and there are no mechanisms or processes in place for controlling all of that data. Thus, a data element is altered in one database breaks 20 things and no one knows why. Typically, this is under control of a single human within the company, and that can be a bit dangerous.

Second, security issues are typically afterthoughts, and always require a good data governance program. It does not make sense to hide systems behind passwords, if the underlying data structures are easily accessible and altered without adherence to any policy. You can't lock the front door and think your safe, if the backdoor is wide open.

Finally, the movement to SOA and cloud computing requires strong data governance processes and technology. You can't manage services without underlying data governance; else things will be breaking quickly. Indeed, the entire sets of layers need to be governed, from the data, to the services, to the processes.

Industry expert Dave Linthicum tells you what you need to know about building efficiency into the information management infrastructure

David Linthicum

David Linthicum is the CTO of Blue Mountain Labs, and an internationally known distributed computing and application integration expert. View more


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