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Leveraging Information and Intelligence

David Linthicum

The Answer to Pervasive Business Intelligence...the Government

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Cindi Howson, over on Intelligent Enterprise, put forth the concept that perhaps the new interest in full discloser by the new administration could be a jumping off point for pervasive business intelligence.  

"No, it's not that I am on the bandwagon for the stimulus being the answer to all the world's woes. However, when President Obama first mentioned a website (recovery.gov) as a way of ensuring full disclosure for stimulus spending, I got as excited as anyone can amid this economic crisis.

My vision for recovery.gov is that it will showcase the best of BI. It will be engaging, simple, and insightful. I'm hoping for a Google-like interface where I can start with a request such as 'education spending in NJ.' An appealing chart (rather than a dense page of numbers) will show me how the money has been spent. It will give me the necessary context, relative to other states, and to prior years. And of course I can drill down to my individual county."

This is a great idea, and I would also challenge the new administration to put the spending, and thus the performance of the stimulus spending, on line.   Allowing all US citizens to slice and dice the data to directly determine what's working, and what's not.  Perhaps also comparing the spending with increasing tax revenue, unemployment rates, and other indications that the money is being spent effectively.   That would be a great show of openness, and a great demonstration of the power of business intelligence.

You think we'll see that?       


If the site has any disclosures about anything relevant they're keeping it well hidden. Promoting the site was empty political rhetoric, pure and simple.

no way will you see that. have you read the federal agency guidance provided by the office of management and budget on recovery.gov? the administration gets an "A" for recycling because it's the same old USASpending.gov over again. there's nothing new here from Obama, rather the same Bush effort from years ago. why? because they finally realized they can't track details down to the local level. every dime? a pigs arse. there's more "BS" than "BI".

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