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Leveraging Information and Intelligence

David Linthicum

Why Data Integration is more Relevant in the World of Cloud Computing

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Lori MacVittie does a great job in outlining the issues around data integration in the emerging world of cloud computing. 

"The issue of data and its integration has not yet raised its ugly head, mostly because very few folks are moving critical business applications into the cloud and admittedly, cloud computing is still in its infancy. But even non-critical applications are going to use or create data, and that data will, invariably, become important or need to be accessed by folks in the organization, which means access to that data will - probably sooner rather than later - become a monkey on the backs of IT."

The core issue, as it's been largely in the world of SaaS, is that as we move our business information out into the cloud, we're going to need some sort of strategy and technology to sync it back with information within the enterprise.    As Lori points out, this may not be an issue until the information is out there, and those in IT suddenly understand that data integration is core need of cloud computing. 

I'm not sure there is much to invent here, this seems like an easy data integration problem to solve.   However, it's going to take some innovative solutions to keep the costs down.   I don't think that dropping in a $100,000 piece of middleware is going to make people happy, and it will certainly decrease the value of cloud computing if that's a requirement.   Thus, perhaps there are data integration opportunities in the cloud?

Indeed, we've been playing around with the idea integration on-demand or as-a-service for sometime now, but it's never had the high value problem domains until cloud computing came along.   It will be interesting to see how this all plays outs as more business info is stuck in the clouds.    

Industry expert Dave Linthicum tells you what you need to know about building efficiency into the information management infrastructure

David Linthicum

David Linthicum is the CTO of Blue Mountain Labs, and an internationally known distributed computing and application integration expert. View more


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