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Governance Recipe

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A recent article by Phil Windley, Teaming up for SOA discussed keeping SOA governance collaborative rather than chiseling the "Ten Commandments".  The article can be summarized thusly, SOA governance is about managing the desired behavior of an organization in order... Read More..

Thus far in this series of entries on SOA Governance, I have defined SOA Governance and provided a deep dive into SOA governance in this final entry I will discuss on the implementation aspects of SOA governance. Implementing SOA Governance... Read More..

In the first entry of this series, SOA Governance Part 1: A Definition, I provided an introduction to SOA governance. In this entry I intended to begin describing SOA governance in more detail by explaining the constructs that make-up SOA... Read More..

There has been an enormous amount of information been bestowed on the world regarding the various aspects of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), I want to discuss one particular aspect that being SOA governance. I will attempt to provide some clarification... Read More..

A new online community is emerging intended to assist the masses in achieving SOA mastery. A few SOA Masters, like Ron Schmelzer, Dave Linthicum, Miko Matsumura, and of course the SOA Chief, provide their thoughts and commentary. The community... Read More..
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webMethods hosted the first-ever interoperability evaluation event for the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) Web Services Policy 1.5 Framework and Attachment (WS-Policy) Candidate Recommendation specifications a few weeks ago. During the event leading products that support the UDDI registry specification... Read More..
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