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Hi,Often in my IT career I looked at a software system and asked (silently) what did they had in mind when they ordered this system?Another question is why you need 52 systems that most of those serves a very small... Read More..
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Hi, During my day job, I read some internal report about a company that looked for CRM solution and chose Salesforce.com over an on-premise solution.I looked into the reasons that make people choose Salesforce and it is very interesting.I took... Read More..
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Hello,In a comment made by Michael Poulin, he mentioned the SaaS ability to adopt changes.I would like to take this comment and discuss one aspect of application changes in SaaS.The most stressing source of requirements in business application are the... Read More..
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Hello, In my previous post I discussed some cost issues of SaaS. Yesterday I found a good source for cost comparison. The Intuit QuickBooks.Intuit is trying to attract customers to it's On-line version of QuickBooks.The product itself is aiming to... Read More..
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Hello to my favorite readers,In my last post I addressed the future of SaaS for large enterprises.Since that was a pessimistic text, I would like to point out the next best business in the SaaS world.You are probably aware that... Read More..
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ESB for small business

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Hello to the developers that also implement system integration, This is your neighborly shop. It is a small business by any criteria. Does it need integration? Yes. It integrates to a Payment gateway for every Credit card payment. It integrates... Read More..
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