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Hello to the service designer,In most SOA projects the main question is about how to model the data.It is clear that the best model is canonical model that will represent each entity in a single way.It is very popular to... Read More..
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Welcome,I am asked almost daily about guidelines to design a web service.Well, instead of going to SOA, WS-* and so on. I am taking a different approach for the request, response and exception handling.My approach is design the service as... Read More..
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Hello to you in SOA cosmos!I am working now in project as the ESB architect.There are several service consumer and each have their own wishes and requests.I can divide the service consumer into two:1. SOAP consumers2. REST/Json consumersThat raised for... Read More..
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Hello,My current project requires REST services called to the ESB from a sel-service portal.As a additional treat the payload is Json.So, where is SOA in the picture?Initially I tried to convince the portal architect that the REST service would be... Read More..
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Hello, I would like to share a specific integration use case. Let's say that you have an investment management system and you want to send a daily activity summary email at the end of the day to your customers that... Read More..
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Dear Readers:Lately, I was challenged by an upgrade to our ESB server. That happened to be Web Methods. From the client point of view (my application) it was easy. Just open Visual Studio, update the web reference or Service reference... Read More..
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Dear readers,As normal part my work on integration I am always asking: What is the interface to that system?You would expect that in this time, I would get a WSDL. Well, no!I often get a View or Stored Procedure. In... Read More..
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Hello to the SOA citizens, I wonder why the argument about SOAP and REST is so intense. As an application developer I really don't care. Just give me a protocol that will move my data from one application to the... Read More..
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Hello to all my faithful readers, I guess you all know what maintainability means. In my words, this is the level of effort that you spend to keep your application running despite the relentless effort from your users to fail... Read More..
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Hello to you, the service developer! So, after the lengthy discussion about the need for multiple technologies, is there a good reason for it? Beside the simple fact that this enables you to handle the same business content with multiple... Read More..
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