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Hello, Oracle announced Oracle Database Appliance. I just want to recall some things that wrote sometime ago: Oracle bought Sun - the SaaS new rivalOracle, Sun, Red Hat - one more piece of the puzzleMore from Oracle - Red Hat... Read More..
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Hi, During my day job, I read some internal report about a company that looked for CRM solution and chose Salesforce.com over an on-premise solution.I looked into the reasons that make people choose Salesforce and it is very interesting.I took... Read More..
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Hi, Just read the following link. Cloud Goes Boom, T-Mo Sidekick Users Lose All Data.After the initial shock, you can relax by reading my previous posts.1. Solve data security and migration in SaaS2. SaaS and On-demand software - are we... Read More..
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Hi,Following my last few posts I want to raise the most important question - Who owns the SaaS application data.In the on-premise application, it was simple. The customer was the owner from start to end and without any wish to... Read More..
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Hi, Due to the increasing interest in my last post, I understood that a lot of people see risks in SaaS even if they cannot really specify those. From the other hand, SaaS experts (see comments there) want to show... Read More..
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Hello to my frequent readers,Continuing my issues about SaaS development, I want to raise another risk.A lot of good software companies with good on-premise products want to go SaaS.This is fine, they can reuse a lot of their application logic... Read More..
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Hello my readers,Lately, as part of my day job, I spent some time about the SaaS applications responsibility to their customers.For using a SaaS application, customers would upload their data to the SaaS application.That is too technical. Let me rephrase... Read More..
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Most SaaS developer regard multi-tenant infrastructure as the key to low TCO and success.The main reason is to utilize the hardware as much as possible.But in the Cloud server we pay by the usage, so the hardware utilization is implied.So,... Read More..
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I would like to add my own interpretation the following news:Oracle-Red Hat Acquisition Rumors Swirl After Reports SurfaceMy own interpretation is that this kind of purchase reenforces my opinion from my post on Oracle bought Sun - the SaaS new... Read More..
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Last week I read an article on BusinessWeek about General Electric that used Google-designed applications and now considering to stop using it.The main reason for that was the security risk for exposing sensitive company data.I already wrote about the security... Read More..
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