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Noam Tamarkin: April 2010 Archives

Hello my IT partners,Virtual machines are a fact of IT in large organizations and even medium ones.The saving in hardware is obvious and appealing.Let us assume a single physical machine that provide all different servers in one organization.This a single... Read More..
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ESB - Friend or Foe?

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Hello to my IT colleagues,For sometime I wonder if ESB is good or bad. From SOA point of view is it a friend or a foe?Well, I wrote about it and also designed some architecture that bypass the need for... Read More..
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Hello,Good to see you. Ready or not, I am back.I took some time off because I left my old company and moved to a big IT organization of a big insurance company.So, instead of developing new products, design architecture of... Read More..
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In this blog, Noam Tamarkin provides ideas for improving and better integrating your applications.

Noam Tamarkin

Senior software architect and CTO. Experience in solution design and implementation. Holds the ability to understand complex business processes and translate them to technology. Expert in Enterprise applications, integration, SOA, SaaS. Experienced in project management, technical infrastructure, procurement and manufacturing.


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