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Hello, Oracle announced Oracle Database Appliance. I just want to recall some things that wrote sometime ago: Oracle bought Sun - the SaaS new rivalOracle, Sun, Red Hat - one more piece of the puzzleMore from Oracle - Red Hat... Read More..
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Hi,Following my last few posts I want to raise the most important question - Who owns the SaaS application data.In the on-premise application, it was simple. The customer was the owner from start to end and without any wish to... Read More..
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Hello my readers,Lately, as part of my day job, I spent some time about the SaaS applications responsibility to their customers.For using a SaaS application, customers would upload their data to the SaaS application.That is too technical. Let me rephrase... Read More..
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Hi, I raised a speculation in 2 previous posts (1, 2) about why Oracle bought Sun and interested in Red Hat. This week Safra Catz spoke in the annual Oracle Day in Israel. Safra Catz says:"We decided that there are... Read More..
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Hello to the ones who love to develop software,I just finished to read an interview with Steve Ballmer.He was asked: "Q: Fill in the blank. You want the culture of your company to be more _____ ?"He answered: Efficient.I do... Read More..
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I would like to add my own interpretation the following news:Oracle-Red Hat Acquisition Rumors Swirl After Reports SurfaceMy own interpretation is that this kind of purchase reenforces my opinion from my post on Oracle bought Sun - the SaaS new... Read More..
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Hello to my readers, In my previous posts about SaaS, I discussed mainly the applications themselves.Today I would like to do some quick calculation of the SaaS application cost.Since my expertise is ERP, let's assume that there is a ERP... Read More..
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Hi, In 2 previos posts I discussed some negative aspects of SaaS (When SaaS becomes popular or the next best business in the SaaS world & Software as a Service (SaaS) for large enterprise - the future). I would like... Read More..
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Hello to my favorite readers,In my last post I addressed the future of SaaS for large enterprises.Since that was a pessimistic text, I would like to point out the next best business in the SaaS world.You are probably aware that... Read More..
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You all must have heard about Software as a Service (SaaS). This is the trend in business applications and together with cloud computing it offers a full virtualization of infrastructure and applications. At the moment the leading SaaS applications... Read More..
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