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Noam Tamarkin

To BPM or not BPM?

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I am working as a solution architect in application integration projects
From time to time the question of BPM is raised.

After all, BPM is a great tool if you have a business processes to manage.
It is. But still, many companies do not implement BPM. Why?

Here are few reasons, short and clear:

-> BPM models in a sales presentation are nice and clean and fit to single laptop screen. Real life BPM models need a wall to project if you want to see the entire diagram.

-> BPM is actually implementing business logic outside of the business applications. This is always problematic to split responsibly over logic

-> Following above point, it is harder to debug if you split the business process to multiple systems. If BPM is in place, there is one more system to debug

-> Using BPM requires system to be aware of that. Most existing systems are handling the entire business process autonomously with some API usage. That make BPM redundant beside special cases

For the positive side, I see high benefit to consider BPM for new applications or feature.
Using BPM when developing new features and applications will reduce development time and increase agility.

Goodbye for now,

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Noam Tamarkin

Senior software architect and CTO. Experience in solution design and implementation. Holds the ability to understand complex business processes and translate them to technology. Expert in Enterprise applications, integration, SOA, SaaS. Experienced in project management, technical infrastructure, procurement and manufacturing.


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