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Noam Tamarkin

Data definition in ERP and Web forms

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How would you define a person's name in your ERP? Maybe in your registration form?

I assume it would look like that: First name, Last name, Middle name, Title, Initials ...

In our new global world, what is First name?

This is cultural decision. Depending on the country, language and even religion.

How will Ban Ki-moon fill this form?

How will the newborn Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge fill this form (once he know how to write)?

I suggest a new approach: Just one field, Name. Or FullName if you want.

Once you go there it become easy to find the person by name, print the name on the bill envelope and search by part of a name.

You simply let the person tell the system how to call him and that is it! For any purpose in the future.

If you still not convinced, just think what exactly are you doing with First name data?

I think the only thing you can do is how many times George appears in your database. I guess this is not you main business.

Think out the box is sometime reducing things.



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