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Noam Tamarkin

REST and SOA in real life

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My current project requires REST services called to the ESB from a sel-service portal.

As a additional treat the payload is Json.

So, where is SOA in the picture?

Initially I tried to convince the portal architect that the REST service would be "SOA like" services. For example: URI rest/updateCustomer/ and the rest is in the HTTP body.

I had to face the argument that this is not REST. The minimal URI with REST must have the object id e.g. rest/updateCustomer/{customer_id}. 

I suggested the following pattern (we agreed on that) /rest/[Business entity]/[operation]/{business entity id}. 

For example: the URI will look like /rest/Customer/update/123456 and the data to update is in the body.

The question still hanging: where is SOA?

The SOA is in the back-end services. For example, the CRM application will have a Customer service with Update operation, all in HTTP/SOAP according to SOA best practice.

So, now, the ESB have a REST like this: /rest/Customer/update/123456. 

The ESB is doing the following steps in this example:

1. Parse the URI and identify the CRM service Customer with the Update operation.

2. Transform the Customer ID 123456 from the URI and the body data to a SOAP message

3. Call the CRM service operation Customer.Update

I have designed some tables and class to manage this in the ESB implementation.

For now it works, I hope that when more and more services are required, it will prove to be a comprehensive solution.

Feel free to use this idea for your own projects. Just remeber where you read it first ...

Yours always,


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