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Noam Tamarkin

Implement a new business application - the agony and the risk

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In the last 3 months I was busy in implementing a new business application.
This new system will eventually support all the business activities of my company.
The system is tailored for us but this is less important for this post.

The most important decision that we had to make is whether we go live with partial functionality or postpone the date to have the full functionality. This is the agony part.
It is very hard to support the new application but still support the old one (in our case 2 systems). It is also more costly because we still have resources that are busy with old systems.

Another major decision was to decide that the system is ready to go live. That is the risk part.
Since there were a lot of serious bugs, it was the project manager who decided. As she said "The QA would never approve".
The decision to go live was motivated from one reason only: The will to show progress and not be part of long line of delayed projects. Since this is a financial system, we had a chance to go live on January 1st and the next opportunity was only the next quarter - April 1st.

Now we are live with 200 users but we still face many issues that were left aside during the rush to go-live.

The next challenge would be the next phases of functionality.

What would you do in such situation?

You are welcome to comment.


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