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Noam Tamarkin

Cloud operating system - Real Virtual or imaginary friend?

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In the last year I have been maintaining applications on enterprise cloud.
Yesterday I noticed the operating system. It is Windows 2008 on my server.

I noticed that it is the same as in any computer e.g. I can set Virtual memory, add a CD drive, it manages 2 CPU's etc.

In a virtual machine, what exactly does it mean to set the Virtual memory or to map a cd?
It is like having a imaginary friend.

There is no real disk for paging the Virtual memory. There is no real CD drive and there are no real 2 CPU.

The Virtual machine imitates all these so we would keep the feeling of a physical machine.

My conclusions is that we pay a lot of overhead in resources to keep these, just because we insist to run the Operating systems that are designed for physical machines.

So, when are we going to see a operating system that is designed for virtual machines?
The operating system that will simply control the CPU capacity without "adding" more CPU's.

A last reminder, when you are talking to an imaginary friend, you are still talking to yourself.

Call you later,


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