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Noam Tamarkin

How to succeed with integration

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Hello to the hard working integrators

In my previous job, integration was something to avoid. Every solution that involved integration of our product was rejected because "Integration is too complicated". Even integration with our own products was not a good idea. Few days ago I met a high-tech entrepreneur that also told me the same.

As a long time integrator, I always wondered why it is so. Looking into the basics of integration I could summarize what it takes to succeed with integration:

  1. Good will
  2. Hard work

Good will, because the integration is not between systems but between development groups.
It is not enough to synchronize the technical issues, the main problem is always to synchronize the project plans.

Hard work, you probably know already, mapping data, agree upon the application protocol, agree about the technology and more, much more.

As people are just human, combination of both of the above are seldom found.

As a solution to this, I would try to find a single person that will be responsible to the integration implementation. This person will need to acquire the knowledge about the integrated systems and also need to have access to implement the integration for each system.

Until next post,



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I personally prefer this blog post. Also, admires your actions. Thanks for allocating this. Awesome job!

The business system and the person are two things that will get connected these days. When the two things work simultaneously, we could add the service part. This is where the business provider could give information with client about the system. One of the sites which gives about the integration of business and IT is http://www.BusinessITools.com

It's a good site to provide service in Business-IT field.

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Senior software architect and CTO. Experience in solution design and implementation. Holds the ability to understand complex business processes and translate them to technology. Expert in Enterprise applications, integration, SOA, SaaS. Experienced in project management, technical infrastructure, procurement and manufacturing.


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