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Noam Tamarkin

Thinking Inside the Box but Out of the Context

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Hi, are you still in the IT department?

I hope you do, because it may be difficult to understand me otherwise.

In our daily work, we work and think inside the box. Most experts find solutions that are part of their toolkit. It is challenging enough to use the tools that provide the professional solution to urgent problems. In any case, we do not have the luxury to lay back and have long brainstorming for creative solutions.

I know that most people think that "Outside of the Box" is most creative. I heard a lecture that claimed that "Inside the Box" demands more creativity.

The proof is very simple: Assuming a problem to solve. "Outside of the Box" you could assume that you get all available solutions, tools and resources. "Inside the Box" you have only what's inside and still need to come-up with a solution to a problem.

I would like to suggest another approach: Inside the Box but out of Context.

It means that you are still Inside the Box with the same toolkit, but using a toolkit that is not intended within the context of the problem.

For example, a programmer need to synchronize a Sales order from one application to another remote application. Normally that would be done by pushing data from one application to the other. That always ends with 2 versions of the data that are never synchronized frequent enough. The Out of Context solution could come by using a standard OO pattern of Cache. You send to the other application just a reference to a service that provide the Sales order. Then, the remote application can get it and persist it as Cache. You could also implement the update of "Dirty" to signal the remote application if something was changed.

Next time I will describe a detailed architecture of another idea.

I hope it gave something to think about.


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Noam Tamarkin

Senior software architect and CTO. Experience in solution design and implementation. Holds the ability to understand complex business processes and translate them to technology. Expert in Enterprise applications, integration, SOA, SaaS. Experienced in project management, technical infrastructure, procurement and manufacturing.


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