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Noam Tamarkin

Why do we bother with multi-tenancy in a Cloud server?

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Most SaaS developer regard multi-tenant infrastructure as the key to low TCO and success.
The main reason is to utilize the hardware as much as possible.
But in the Cloud server we pay by the usage, so the hardware utilization is implied.
So, can we give up multi-tenant and get the same TCO on the Cloud?

Can someone help here?


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In my view, multi-tenancy is not really a requirement at the individual cloud server level. However, if you are a SaaS provider, you have two choices:

1) you put your application into individual containers or Virtual Machines and give each customer a complete environment, therefore achieving some form of multi-tenancy. This however doesn't scale well and can produce a major operational and release management nightmare.

2) you write an application that is properly multi-tenant and lets you run it off a common core which makes management and release management more centralised and easier controllable but potentially very much dangerous and therefore more demanding ... if something goes wrong at your central core, you are in serious trouble!!

Version 1 is a great way to doing SaaS with an application that is not designed for the Cloud, version 2 is how it should be done, but will be much more demanding from an application design & architecture point of view. You will need some very experienced guys to do that.

Co-founder of SymetriQ, an Enterprise Public Cloud

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