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Noam Tamarkin

Youth, innovation and engineering

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Hello to my frequent readers!

You do not get any points for reading, but the next post is on me!

Recently I spoke with a young colleague that told me about a hosting farm that he had in his home during junior high years. He actually had some business and the end came when somebody hacked to the servers.

This is amazing, don't you think?

It is amazing that someone paid money to keep his server under the supervision and maintenance of a 14 years old.

It is not amazing that the young entrepreneur managed to establish such a hosting farm.
This is always the easy part. The hard part is to really understand what you are doing and the consequences.

So why did those businesses trust this guy that obviously did not have any reasonable training and education?
Simple, they had the impression that the mere fact that he is young, makes him an expert in computers.

You could laugh as much as you like but I would assume that you are falling into the same trap.

I would like to stop for a break now and count how many developers in your group does not have any formal education. How many dropped out of college? How many just did a one time training course on C#?

I could guess that the answer is more than one.

Last but not least, a question: Would you drive a car that its brakes system was designed by a college dropout?

Sad but true,


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