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Noam Tamarkin

SaaS and On-Demand software - are we ready for the challenge?

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Last week I read an article on BusinessWeek about General Electric that used Google-designed applications and now considering to stop using it.
The main reason for that was the security risk for exposing sensitive company data.
I already wrote about the security issue and why large enterprises will not move to the cloud.
At least not with their core business processes.

So, are we ready?
The SaaS evangelists like to compare the SaaS and On-demand software to the electricity supply.
I would follow that comparison with joy.
If you look carefully into electricity supply, it has been around for more than a century.
In software terms, this is infinite (at least Google years ago).
Despite the fact that it is reliable, you would see emergency generators almost in all large buildings. Needless to mantion hospitals, factories and ice-cream distributors.
This is exactly my point.
When safety, security or your core business is dependant on such a vital resource, you alway prepare a contingency.
Where is the SaaS in-house contingency?
Do we have it?

Sorry to say that I do not see it yet.

I hope I did not scare you. Keep checking the cloud.

Your truly,

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Very pertinent article. It also underlines the importance of caution while opting for a SaaS solution, since it involves a "letting go of control". And frankly, most of us dont know much about SaaS.

I came across a very good whitepaper on the subject of "SaaS vendor Selection" which comprehensively lists out th factors that should be considered.

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