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Noam Tamarkin

SaaS and legal compliance

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In a comment made by Michael Poulin, he mentioned the SaaS ability to adopt changes.
I would like to take this comment and discuss one aspect of application changes in SaaS.

The most stressing source of requirements in business application are the legal compliance requirements.
These requirements are touching almost every corner of the application from finance to human resources. Some of these requirements are not legal per se, but could source from industry standards, international organizations and others.

I claim that SaaS is the ultimate environment for adopting such changes. Why?
The most important task with these changes is to implement the change. This goes without saying.
The other most important task, is to install it in the entire install base of the application.
This is where SaaS is the best solution. In a single installation, you will provide cure to the entire install base.
This is a most welcomed process, comparing to the distribution of patches in a On-Premise installation.

This ability relies on the fact that a SaaS application has a single version at any given time.
The version that the provider is exposing to the customer.

I will discuss other types of change in SaaS applications that are less welcomed in my upcoming posts.


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