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Noam Tamarkin

My little SaaS, Cloud glossary

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Dear Reader,

We are swamped with new terms in all the blogs, forums and articles.
People at work are throwing words in discussions that we suppose to know about.

I feel that I need to explain to myself some of these terms:
SaaS - Software as a Service - this is an application that the user simply operate from the internet without any need to install anything. So, it is a web site? Yes, with one little difference, it is for the user's business.
Why is it better than installing software in the office? Well, sometimes it is not. In the rest of the cases, the fact that you do not need to maintain any technical equipment or software, is helpful and also if you are on the road.

PaaS - Platform as a Service - this is a development and runtime platform that runs "somewhere" on the internet. It enables a developer to develop and run web applications without the need to worry about hardware and software maintenance. It also supposes to ease the way of development and deployment.
By definition, any application on PaaS is SaaS or at least On-Demand.
For me, PaaS are only those platforms that provide some framework for development like MS Azure. Is it good? Well sometimes not, especially for the end user. The developer also may feel restricted by the frameworks.

SaaS - Service as a Software - the other SaaS. This is not really a new thing, mainly a new name. The fact that you can call a service on the web and get some work done exist for sometime now e.g. UPS shipping or Payment gateways. It could also be called Outsourcing with a Software OasS. Here I invented a new term.

Cloud computing - this is the most slippery term. It started with the way the internet was represented in diagrams. Amazon called their platform service Elastic Cloud and started a trend. I hear people call cloud computing almost anything on the web that refers to business. The main idea is that you do not need installations and hardware to use software. The application itself could be deployed "anywhere".
For me, this means that it could also be installed on your small server and still be part of the Cloud.

HaaS - Hardware as a Service - This is actually what Amazon and other are providing. They provide a virtual server that feels like the physical one. It is nice and useful but please read my post about using the public transportation.

I hoped that I cleared some of the mystery.


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