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Noam Tamarkin

Solve data security and migration in the SaaS world

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In 2 previos posts I discussed some negative aspects of SaaS (When SaaS becomes popular or the next best business in the SaaS world & Software as a Service (SaaS) for large enterprise - the future). I would like to propose a solution.

We need to start thinking about the enterprise data as assets or even money maker infrastructure.

So let's learn from the most popular way to preserve our assets - banks. A bank is a service provider, you do not own it, you have an account on your name and you pay for the service based on your activities. Until now, you can replace "bank" with "SaaS" and it will still be true.
Why do we trust banks? Why do we think that our money is safe there?
"Like money in the bank".

It is simple, we have regulations. We have laws and people to enforce these laws. Banks will offer us some kind of guaranties to our money (well, not always).

And now back to SaaS.
If SaaS providers want to increase their range of clients, they need to provide some guaranties. Since enterprise data, in most cases, worth more than money, organizations will be reluctant to put to much of it in SaaS application. They need guaranties. What kind of guaranties? For example, full data download in any time. Protection of their data in case that the SaaS provider is in financial trouble.
These kind of guaranties.

I read that president Obama wants to nominate a minister for Information Technologies.
Well, that could be a worthy cause for that office.

Best wishes,

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Senior software architect and CTO. Experience in solution design and implementation. Holds the ability to understand complex business processes and translate them to technology. Expert in Enterprise applications, integration, SOA, SaaS. Experienced in project management, technical infrastructure, procurement and manufacturing.


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