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Noam Tamarkin

When SaaS becomes popular or the next best business in the SaaS world

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Hello to my favorite readers,

In my last post I addressed the future of SaaS for large enterprises.
Since that was a pessimistic text, I would like to point out the next best business in the SaaS world.

You are probably aware that visionaries imagine SaaS as an electric power. Following these principles:
  1. The customer is paying by usage (per transaction, per month, per...)
  2. Since there is no installation, the customer can move easily between providers. (Hmmm.)
The first principle is reasonable. In fact, software vendors tried to charge us in this way for a long time. When Oracle sold you their database and charged you per CPU, that was kind of brute pay per usage.

What about the second principle? Bad news, no can do. Anyone who experiences a move between software systems or even an upgrade would understand me.
Even worse, it is the same but with no guarantied access to your data.

What am I talking about? The most painful thing about software system change is the data migration. You have two software systems on your hands -- the one that you throw away (and you'll never get help from it's vendor), and the one that you installed and it's vendor doesn't guarantee any migration.

Another difficulty pops into my mind: what if the software you throw away becomes obsolete because there is no vendor behind it and no support anymore?

When the systems are on-premise, you have full control over the applications, the databases,  their connectivity and data formats. In the worst case, you will get some DBA or other expert that will do the migration. What do you do when it is on the Internet? You could hope that the vendor you leave will be so kind to export all your data in a comfortable format. Yeah sure, he will jump from joy that you leave them. He will be overzealous to help you take your money from him. Enough sarcasm already.

Let's take for example two SaaS applications: Salesforce.com and NetSuite. Imagine a small company that uses Salesforce.com and now wants to have a full ERP system. Since they where very happy with the SaaS solution of Salesforce.com, they look for SaaS ERP. They find NetSuite. Naturally, they want to move all their customers data from Salesforce.com to NetSuite. So?

You, the veteran of data migrations, upgrades and software replacements will help them.

I think that by now you already guessed what is the next best business in the SaaS world.

Data migration. Insure a smooth transfer between similar SaaS applications.

I know it is not so sexy or even innovative, but hey, there's money in it for you.

Keeping you updated with the latest trends,

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