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Noam Tamarkin

SOA - why do people think it dead

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Lately we are bombed with articles, blog posts and other media about SOA. The negative ones ask many questions:

Is it for real?
Is it dead?
Is it still relevant?
Does any one knows what exactly it means?

All this discussions remind me the TQM (Total Quality Management).

You could read about it in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/W.EdwardsDeming
In the early 1990's I was involved in implementing TQM in some factory (real manufacturing one, not the design pattern).

I read some books, I had my experience and a consultant that helped me. This went well.
So why am I talking about? In most cases in the industry it did not went well.
Why? as usual, many people looked at  the quality revolution and wanted to make some money.

The first ones were organizational consultants that already worked in the field and they offered them selves as TQM consultants.

The problem was that they did not understand the practical aspect of TQM and pushed only the conceptual and organizational aspects.

After you will read the book "The Man Who Discovered Quality: How W. Edwards Deming Brought the Quality Revolution to America" you will understand why TQM must be implemented first in the production line and for the workers.

Now back to SOA. Many people learned that SOA is a hot trend and wanted to make money. EAI vendors said: this is exactly what we do and called it ESB.

Workflow vendors said: this is exactly what we do and called it ESB/BPM.

Veteran IS/IT consultants said: this is exactly what we did with EDI, so EDI is SOA.

IT/IS managers said: we trust our vendors, if they say this is SOA, then this is SOA.
And so on and so forth.

I think my point is clear. So what next? SOA is not dead and so is TQM. A good concept and best practice never dies. It just become tasteless by people that distort it for their own good.

My suggestion is as usual: trust your self, learn, read the books and only then decide what you want to do. If you are in the IT/IS business long enough, you should have some experience in system integration. Naturally, you could read my previous posts.

Yours as always,


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